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Welcome to MIT Sportcast! We broadcast MIT sporting events in high-definition TV on MIT Cable Television, using live production software we are developing on GNU/Linux with OpenGL. We also have a blog about the progress of our software. If you're interested in joining the project, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We're at Sportcast@mit.edu

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Women's Hockey vs. Saint Michael's

November 18th, 2006- Sportcast covered the MIT vs. Saint Michael's women's hockey match. It's now showing right here and on MIT Cable.

Men's Hockey vs. Westfield

November 11th, 2006- Sportcast covered the MIT vs. Westfield men's hockey match.

Football vs. Endicott

November 4th, 2006- Sportcast covered the MIT vs. Endicott football game.

Sportcast wants you!

October 25th, 2006- Wish there was a louder buzz surrounding MIT sports? Ever had an interest in broadcast journalism? Like to write media-based software? Nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon? Sportcast is for you! Send an e-mail to Sportcast@mit.edu if you'd like to help out. No experience necessary!

CNN Visits Sportcast

March 11, 2006 Representatives from Turner Broadcasting, the parent company of CNN, TBS, et. al. visited Sportcast to discuss our technology initiatives. It was an excellent opportunity for us to talk about our goals and challenges with experienced members of the industry.


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Stream Files

11.11.2006 - Men's Hockey vs. Westfield

11.03.2006 - Men's Football vs. Endicott College

03.11.2006 - Men's Volleyball vs. Johnson & Wales University

02.25.2006 - Men's Volleyball vs. Milwaukee School of Engineering

02.18.2006 - Women's Basketball vs. Smith

Raw HD Files

02.04.2006 - Men's Basketball vs. WPI

01.24.2006 - Integration Bee

01.12.2006 - Men's Basketball vs. Rhode Island College

12.03.2005 - Men's Basketball vs Polytechnic University

12.03.2005 - Women's Basketball vs. Polytechnic University